Agent Cool Blue

When Pfizer developed a new mouth rinse just for kids - Agent Cool Blue - a pre-brush rinse that tints plaque on the teeth blue so that kids can brush more effectively, they needed a website that would build credibility and interactivity between ACB and the consumer. The site was targeted to moms and kids, with the greatest emphasis on building brand interactivity between kids and ACB.

Site Objectives
- Engage both kids and parents to motivate practice as much as purchase.
- Bring Agent Cool Blue and his adventures to life in kid's eyes, by turning dental hygiene into a fun (and funny) fantasy adventure.
- Educate kids (& parents) about the benefits of ACB and good dental hygiene.
- Provide info on product & promotions toward building brand loyalty.

The overall marketing campaign developed by our ad agency client -
The Geppetto Group - received a
Gold Reggie for Excellence in Kid-Targeted Promotions.

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