Agent Cool Blue

Doh-Ray Media worked closely with former LEGO partners-in-crime Gabe Walsh and Eric Reckling to design and develop Agent Cool Blue's Lights, Camera, Plaque-tion! -- a flash action game in which you help Agent Cool Blue track down stealthy members of the Plaque Pack. The game's play mirrors the product's functionality of rinse, reveal and remove.

Agent Cool Blue must stay alert as the Plaque Pack are quite sneaky and have hidden themselves in a big Hollywood studio's amazing prop shop. The game's playing area is akin to the classic side-scrolling game, except it consists a series of linked, bi-level screens. Agent Cool Blue uses his keen detective skills along with his Plaque Tracker magnifying glass, lighting fast throwing toothbrushes and most critically his Agent Cool Blue Rinse that reveals the Plaque Packers for the baddies they really are.

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