CLIKITS Friendship Bracelet

To introduce an entirely new LEGO brand for girls, the first order of business was to show off the product in an engaging and compelling way.

The next objective was to spotlight the "show and share" nature of CLIKITS, taking that essential quality and extending it virtually, helping spread the word and deepen the brand experience.

Our solution was an online application that allowed girls to create a beautiful bracelet, give it meaning, and then send it to a friend.

The Friendship Bracelet Maker allows the user to create a virtual bracelet using a bead palette that presents elements from all 16 CLIKITS SKUs. The Cliktionary then allows them to give the bracelet meaning, while enabling them to save their own personal Cliktionary with their favorite beads and words assigned by them.

The Friendship Bracelet Maker has been very successful as a viral marketing tool for CLIKITS, sustaining a rate of 2000 new creations a day, and peaking at over 6000, with a total of almost 1,000,000 in the first year after launch!

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