CLIKITS Friendship Bracelet

Our challenge was to enable a way for kids to send meaningful messages within the constraints of a limited vocabulary, by creating fun word categories and populating them with relevant words that kids would use.

The simple solution was to enable the Cliktionary to "evolve" with usage. This began immediately after it went live - we deleted words that got low usage and added words that we received through the "Suggest A Word" feature. Over time the Cliktionary became more and more well-tuned to the way girls in our target age group spoke.

Here are some actual message examples:
"You make me happy You make me happy"
"Girls rule! Be mine silly boy"
"Friend that I trust You rule!"
"I miss you like crazy"
"Mom so so beautiful Mom so so beautiful"
"I am crazy crazy this boy is cute"
"I love a wonderful sweet silly cute boy"
"Mom You rule! you are the best!"
"You love me silly boy You love me silly boy"
"I love you girl You are everything to me !!!"

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