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The Bring the Game Home website was commissioned by the Major League Baseball Players Association to inspire kids to collect baseball trading cards, sales of which had been in decline over the past decade. A major television ad campaign was launched to drive traffic to the online contest. Working closely with our agency client, the Geppetto Group, we also developed a half-dozen games and activities for the site, including a memory game and a baseball quiz.

The online contest went on for the entire summer, where the user would view series of cards on display. By collecting the real cards and plugging in the correct stats online, the card would turn into a live action version (streaming video from and the user could then enter the contest via an online form. We had 35 different cards and video streams (in groups of 5 every two weeks). Two different e-mails then went to kid and parent, with information saved to the database for transfer to the fulfillment house every two weeks, while all remaining COPPA compliant.

We also created the online banner campaign featured on and other kids websites.

During the campaign baseball card sales rose 38%. Redemption far exceeded expectations and the site achieved a 30% visitor return rate.